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AC/DC is an everlasting symbol of hard rock and metal music whose minimalist yet loud style and beats are hard to buy ticket on ac/dc confuse with any other band. “Highway to Hell”, “Back in Black”, “Thunderstruck” and many other world’s hottest songs made AC/DC concerts, tracks and albums one of the highest selling in the entire history of music by various rankings.

Created in 1973 in Australia by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, whose school uniform will then become the attribute of many AC/DC tour performances, the band filled world’s largest arenas and AC/DC tickets are still among the hottest selling concerts in many countries. With every released album going gold or platinum, AC/DC world tour concerts have always been in demand, even when their particular songs weren’t beating the commercial records or after the change of band members.

The musicians are still active on the music arena and multiple AC/DC tour dates give you plenty of opportunities to come and buy tickets on gig experience the power of hard rock while listening to their live beats. There’s no better occasion to do it than during AC/DC next tour dedicated to their 4th decade anniversary or new album release – check out the tickets and stay updated on new concert announcements!

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Individuals: Brian Johnson, vocals (conceived Newcastle, England, 5 October 1947); Phil Rudd, drums (conceived Melbourne, Australia, 19 May 1954); Cliff Williams, bass (conceived Essex, England, 14 December 1949); Angus Young, guitar (conceived Glasgow, Scotland, 31 March 1959); Malcolm Young, guitar (conceived Glasgow, Scotland, 6 January 1953). Previous individuals: Mark Evans, bass (conceived Melbourne, Australia, 2 March 1956); Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott, vocals (conceived Kirriemuir, Scotland, 9 July 1946; d. London, England, 20 February 1980); Chris Slade, drums (conceived Pontypridd, Wales, 30 October 1946); Simon Wright, drums (conceived Alden, England, 19 June 1963).

AC/DC mixed power harmonies, hard-shake beats, and burning vocals with a dramatic stage nearness that highlighted the dates on tour for ac/dc incessant cutting loose of lead guitarist Angus Young in his trademark school order uniform. Unmitigated sexual insinuation was gladly shown in their melodies, from "Huge Balls" to "You Shook Me All Night Long." After the arrival of Highway to Hell (1979) and the sudden demise of artist Bon Scott, AC/DC returned triumphantly with Back in Black (1980) and For Those About to Rock We Salute You (1981). Through ensuing decades AC/DC kept on discharging collections utilizing a pat recipe.

Amid this time AC/DC discharged Let There Be Rock (1977), which incorporate the perpetual top pick "Entire Lotta Rosie," and Powerage (1978). Increasing universal consideration, the gathering recorded Highway to Hell (1979) with the maker Robert John "Mutt" Lange. The title track starts with (ac/dc tour dates) a rankling guitar riff that portrays the greater part of the verses. This riff is adjusted by a theme with the vital line, "I'm on an interstate to damnation." Bon Scott exhibits the tune in a typically compelling tone that borderlines on shouting.

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